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This fall…

This fall has been one of the times of my life where I’ve been so appreciative of the places and people I’m surrounded by. Continually being surprised by environment and where it leads us.

I found myself  floating  down the San Juan River, then out in the Robbers Roost area canyoneering and backpacking for a couple of weeks. As soon as that was over a friend and I headed to Colorado to get away.

The muscles in my face and stomach have been sore from laughing and smiling. Legs , back and Shoulders sore from exploring. Heart beating fast and is full. This desert continually embraces what is thrown out there and gives even more back.


Here are a few photos from the past month. Enjoy, and thanks for the feedback.


san juan 10.13-17

I will never become sick or tired of a starry night on the river.



san juan 10.13-15

Honaker Trail hiking above the San juan River. This trail was used by miners to transport supplies back and forth. They had grit.




san juan 10.13-10

lime Creek Reflections



san juan 10.13-8





This guy. Had the voice and the talent. Also makes a mean taco at Tacos Del Gnar in Ridgeway, Co. Check them out and support some truly humble and amazing people.




To spend 3 days here, in the robbers roost to reflect, was a gift. We watched the Sun rise and set every day, and were lucky enough to be in the sun all day. One of the few times of the year out here that you really want it.




How many other people have leaned against this fence and took in the view of this place and these mountains? I was lucky enough to share that experience with some one and be truly grateful.






this view.these peaks.

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