End of 2013, Chaco Canyon

2013 has been an incredible year. Completely Humbling. Full of growth. Full of lessons. Full of teaching. New beginnings, closures, chapters.It seemed fitting to head back to the desert to reflect and to meet up with my best friend, mentor and family, Bryant.

I hadn’t seen him since earlier in the year and Chaco canyon was a place that neither one of us had ever been.

I had left the mountains of Aspen, Co for the month and headed back to the Southwest. Driving to the Chaco Canyon Culture Site in New mexico through desolate  wash board roads and canyons it was easy to remember why I love the desert. The rawness that surrounds you is nothing but that. Beautiful, harsh, dry, cold, bitter, stunning, windy, calm, sharp,soft, crisp, rugged. I could easily go on. Watching the rabbits or the coyote run out in front of you, or the raven swoop down to eye level. You feel apart of the Earth here and like you’re the only one here. I was not, and was definitely not the 1st. A thousand years ago the ancestral pueblo people had come to this canyon and settled in.

Throughout our trip there we were in awe and stunned  by these people and this place.In awe of the fortitude and skill to develop such massive sites with walls three feet thick  and towered above 3 stories high. The stones used were often no bigger than a coaster on your table to protect from the inevitable coffee stain. Thousands upon thousands of stones. Walls from multiple sites lined up to the degree in which they were facing the sun.

Stunned by the canyon, or at least the site selection for a place this massive to be built and homesteaded for over a thousand years. Low walls, little protection from wind, sun, the heat or the cold. The wind was chilling to the bone and I’m sure the heat in the sumer was blistering. Sites that were miles from water up on the canyon rim. Why? The Ancestral Puebloans  were not lazy. They had to earn everything they needed and hold each other accountable to be successful. Here are as few photos from the journey.

Chaco 2013-5

Chaco 2013-7

Chaco 2013-29

Chaco 2013-31

Chaco 2013-30

Chaco 2013-12

Chaco 2013-34

Chaco 2013-16

Chaco 2013-18

Chaco 2013-17

Chaco 2013-21

Chaco 2013

Chaco 2013-3

Chaco 2013-4

Chaco 2013-5

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