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Right now I reside in Moab, UT and work for an outdoor education school. I spend most of the time rowing on the rivers and hiking in canyons or mountains. I feel like I am usually in a consistent transition, but always in a beautiful surrounding and surrounded by beautiful people. I am fortunate.

People and places around you are often how your life is expressed. More though is who you are while surrounded by both of those. It is great to be surrounded by beauty. Its more amazing to know you are loved, and to love.


I’ve always been interested in artwork and in photography. Being surrounded by artists throughout, they always encourage me to try new things and experiment with different mediums. Water colors, pencil, ink, digital, love,lessons, dirt and rocks. They keep me entertained, focused, driven.

If you see anything you are interested in or would like to come together on a project, event or anything,please let me know. Everything here is available for print and for sale


Please contact me  at c_montandon@yahoo.com or 210.379.1359 for questions and Pricing.


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