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White Rim in a day….

Last week a friend/co worker, Vic , was in town  for some work and to get out and play on bikes. After a few days of looking at pay scales, excel spreadsheets, and schedules, she brought up what she called an “off the couch random adventure”.


Biking the White Rim in a day was something that we had spoken about before. Up until this point this season, I think the longest ride I had been on was a Spring ride of around 15 miles.  This one would be about 92-93 miles by the time we were done. Why not d0 it in a day?

It was a beautiful ride through Canyonlands National Park and a great challenge to ride that far in a day, on a mountain bike, through  soft sand, mud, and snow.

The ride allowed us amazing views of the Green River , the canyons, and the snow capped La Sals and Abajos. We started under a full moon, rode underneath overcast skies, and ended underneath a waning moon. 16 hours. phew.

The next day we were pretty surprised that we were not to sore and could walk pretty well. It did feel like a hangover after a night of binge drinking though due to the amount of processed goods that were ingested to keep us going. I think I’ll take a break from cliff shots and goos for a little while. Here’s a link to Vic’s page

winter 2014-whiterim-9

This kinda sums up the day.

winter 2014-whiterim-10

Early morning mud and heavy bikes

winter 2014-whiterim-13

winter 2014-whiterim-14

winter 2014-whiterim-15

winter 2014-whiterim-16

The Green River

winter 2014-whiterim-17

Protein and sugar lunch. We  would feel that later.

winter 2014-whiterim-18

winter 2014-whiterim-19

winter 2014-whiterim-20

winter 2014-whiterim-21

The yellow line  was our route. Not too far , right?

winter 2014-whiterim-22

winter 2014-whiterim-23

winter 2014-whiterim-24

Headlamps are back on and the moon is back up

winter 2014-whiterim-25

winter 2014-whiterimand then there’s this guy (no, he didn’t run it)

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