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a Little Moab Rodeo


This past weekend the rodeo came to town here in Moab, Ut. We had to go.

While I did grow up in Texas, I can’t say rodeo was a big part of my life. Its amazing to see what these people do.  To crawl onto these animals that are nothing but muscle and want nothing to ride them, and then just hang on……8 seconds I’m sure feels like a lifetime.

What I was more impressed with were the bullfighters. They were there to protect those who had fallen off and give the bull something else to go after. Trying to imagine those times when the adrenaline is so high, and there is action surrounding you and stimulating every sense, and to focus on someone else and put their safety before yours. Those are the people I find I’ve looked up to.  Whether it be in the rodeo, police force, protection services, rescue services, and those times when its a friend or a raft guide in big water. They put themselves out there. Vulnerable…

Here’s a few shots from the other night. Trying to capture the speed,  the feel, the emotion, the vulnerability, and the grit is something I’m working on.  Oh, and trying to do that in photography too.
Moab rodeo-6 copy


Moab rodeo-7 copy


Moab rodeo-9 copy


Moab rodeo-11 copy


Moab rodeo-13 copy


Moab rodeo-15 copy



Moab rodeo-16 copy


Moab rodeo-19 copy

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